Carpet Cleaning


Carpets are what makes our homes look and feel both warm and beautiful.

They are an investment that require professional and specialist after care to protect them and give them longevity. Keeping them looking and feeling as good as new and protecting both your family and your home from unwanted stains, soiling, allergens and odours comes from regular cleaning.

That is why it is so important that you speak to us as trained and certified professionals to look after your posessions and investments and give you and your loved ones great peace of mind and to keep your home looking it's best for many years to come.

Carpet Care

Carpets require cleaning ideally twice a year or minimum once a year to keep up their appearance and keep them free from unwanted stains and soiling, amongst other potential health hazards that we pick up in our day to day lives and transfer into our homes.

During our free inspection, we will establish the best and correct methods for cleaning your carpets by carrying out 'Fibre identification' 'Dye Bleed Tests' and the general make up of your carpets, allowing us to give you a quotation for cleaning that is both reasonably priced and the correct method to be used.

Most carpets can be cleaned using the 'Deep Clean Wet Extraction' method. This is the most common practise for 100% wool carpets, 80/20% carpets and man-made stain free carpets. However, some carpets require a 'Specialist Dry Clean' method utilising a low moisture compound to encapsulate soiling and stains. For example, woven carpets and some hand-tufted carpets should be Dry Cleaned only, a wet clean would be disastrous as it could both rapidly shrink and/or cause colour bleed. (Please refer to page on Dry Cleaning). These types of carpets will be identified at the point of your inspection and quotation.  


Avoid using all chemicals that are sold for home use, some can discolour carpets. Detergent residue can become sticky when dry and subsequently attract dirt!


We love looking after our customers... so get in touch now and let us look after you and your cleaning requirements with over 15 years experience and expert advice, free inspection and a free quotation that is valid up to 3 months.