Rug cleaning


Rugs enhance the beauty of our existing floors!

They look and feel both warm and pleasing to the eye, be it on a wood floor or carpet, they can add that splash of colour, design, warmth and can really uplift a room with their many textures and colours.

Rugs come in all shapes and sizes and are manufactured in a variety of ways. There are machine, hand tufted or hand woven rugs and therfore this naturally means they require different cleaning methods.


The power is in the identification of the rug!

Like carpets and upholstery, fibre identification is hugely important.

Most wool rugs and man-made rugs can be cleaned using the 'Deep Clean Wet Extraction' method. However, natural fibres such as silk, sisal, coir including some wool rugs require specialist Dry Cleaning.

Rugs are usually made up of very intricate and highly colourful designs. Each individual colour has to be tested for Dye-Bleed prior to cleaning. Sometimes only one colour out of several colours may bleed, this is why it is so important to carry out and follow the correct cleaning procedures.

As with carpets, rugs have several backings that can be applied during manufacture. Some can be man-made, others cellulose, such as jute. These are natural fibres and require great care and thus specialist knowledge to obtain the best and correct results for cleaning.


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